Tyre Recycling

tyre-recyclingCrumb Rubber has a state of the art recycling and manufacturing plant in County Louth, on the North East coast of Ireland. Situated close to the major ports of Belfast and Dublin they can access markets abroad and ship their products by pallet, truck and containers.

Set up in 2003 Crumb Rubber is the only facility of its kind in Ireland. It has a full recycling plant which takes tyres of any size, from car up to the large earth movers, out of the waste stream and recycles them in to eco friendly granulate and matting products. Crumb Rubber have worked hard with University College Cork and the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) to make their recycling activity energy efficient and to utilise all of the material released on breaking up tyres in this process. This means that Crumb Rubber can harness every piece of this valuable resource, the end of life tyre, which was once a landfill problem.

We collect tyres from our customers on all over Ireland and have trailers available for our larger clients to make pick ups more seamless. Once granulated and screened for quality control, some product is segregated into granulate for the equestrian, garden, sports and child care sectors and other granulate is sent for further processing to make safety matting. The matting will make surfaces safer and sound proofed for the Construction, Equestrian, Agricultural, Child Care, Rail, Industrial, Pet and Home sectors. Having control over the raw material and the manufacturing process means we can produce a wide range of eco friendly sector specific products and we can easily adapt products to customer requirements at production. Our research and development team are always busy working on new products with our clients to suit their individual specifications.

Crumb Rubber was honoured to be voted the prestigious award of Green Entrepreneur of the year in 2010. This award was recognition or our products excellent green credentials. We hope you enjoy our brochure and if you have any product queries or would like a free quote please do contact us today.

Leo Kerley
Sales Director